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Love solving problems, designing backend architecture and discussing business strategy.

At the moment, building blockchain and DLT products at Acyclic Labs, building communities at Blockchained India, BangPypers and DjangoGirls Bangalore. Open Source enthusiasts and run several open source projects.

I love music and anime and during my travels, reading books. Occasionally, I also like to pen down a few thoughts and write tech articles on my blog and medium.

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What can I help you with

Open to new opportunities on innovative and solving hard problems


I love building new products which helps solve real world problems.

Advice / Mentor

Helping with your product on architecture, tech, growth or business strategy end.


Consultation on python, nodejs, postgres, blockchain, tangle, platform architecture.


Giving talks and workshops on various tech aspects at your next meetup or conference.

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Happy to meet and talk Tech, Architecture, Product, Blockchain, IOTA, Tangle, AI, our company Acyclic, music, or String theory.

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